Built on Relationships and Trust

A rental property is one of the biggest financial investments, so we look after them as if they are our own. This means searching out the best tenants, who we interview thoroughly and personally welcome into their new home. Dalyellup Property Management understands that all parties in a rental agreement have to be treated with the utmost respect for the relationship to be successful.

We provide our customers with:

  • Team of highly skilled and dedicated people
  • Network of professional contractors, if work is required on the property
  • Comprehensive inspection reports with photographs
  • Quick response to any problems
  • Well-developed negotiating and problem solving skills, and
  • Knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA).

Our team has outstanding knowledge of the investment market and is happy to share this knowledge to ensure you have complete peace of mind that you have made the right choice of property manager.


Marie Buswell

marie buswell of Dalyellup Property managementI am the Owner/Licensee here at Dalyellup Property Management. I represent absolute professionalism, policy and procedure. My extensive years of experience in the real estate industry and my upbringing in real estate has equipped me with the tools I need to provide you with the utmost care, prioritisation and service.

Having a great relationship with both the tenant and the owner is what I pride myself on. Managing your biggest investment takes skill and commitment. You are not just another owner or just another tenant.

I’m a proficient problem solver and always quick to help. Through acting fast, managing any situation and being flexible and adaptable, I‘m exceptionally effective in bringing order to chaos and keeping a balance between landlord and tenant needs.

I really love and enjoy what I do and I am so lucky to be able to work with my family.

I can honestly say that my personalised service is guaranteed and I’m proud to say that Dalyellup Property Management is based on repeat customers, referrals and loyalty.



Natalie Gleeson

Natalie from Dalyellup Property ManagementI am the Senior Property Manager & Sales Representative here at Dalyellup Property Management. Also being brought up in the real estate industry and having worked in it for 8 + years, has taught me to appreciate the commitment and trust it takes when managing a client’s Investment Property, alternatively, handling the sale.

I too am one of those lucky people who can honestly say I love doing what I do. My greatest satisfaction in my career comes from providing my clients with the very best of service I can offer and enjoying the prospect of meeting new and interesting people along the way.

Listing your home for Sale, purchasing a property, or appointing a property manager can often be a stressful time but I aim to make it an exciting and positive experience instead. I will be there with you every step of the way offering you advice and providing you with service you can count on.