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After submitting the application, we require 100 points of ID verification as well as your 2 most recent payslips. Please email these documents to as soon as you have submitted this form otherwise we cannot proceed with your application.

You agree that for the purpose of this Application , the Lessor or Property Manager may make enquiries of the persons given as referees, next of kin or emergency contacts provided by You, and also make enquiries of such other persons or agencies as the Lessor may see fit.

The personal information You give in this Application or collected from other sources is necessary for the Lessor or Property Manager to verify Your identity, to process and evaluate the Application, to manage the tenancy and to conduct the Property Manager's business. Personal information collected about You in this Application and during the course of the tenancy if the Application is successful may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including to the Lessor, referees, other Property Managers, prospective lessors, third party operators of residential tenancy databases, and prospective buyers of the Premises. Information already held on residential tenancy databases may also be disclosed to the Property Manager or Lessor.

If You enter into the Residential Tenancy Agreement or You fail to comply with Your obligations under any Residential Tenancy Agreement that fact and other relevant personal information collected about You during the course of this Application (including information provided separately to this application) or the Residential Tenancy Agreement may also be disclosed to the Lessor, third party operators of tenancy reference databases (to the extent permit ted by law), other Property Managers, prospective lessors and prospective buyers of the Premises.

If You would like to access the personal information the Lessor or Property Manager holds, You can do so by contacting the Property Manager.

You can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, in complete or out-of-date. If the information in this Application, is not provided, the Property Manager may not be able to process the Application, or the Residential Tenancy Agreement properly or manage the tenancy properly. Please contact if you require information on residential tenancy databases.